Whiff of nostalgia

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I knew other blokes who often came back from the tip with as much as stuff they had taken there. This explains why you believe you've seen that same deer head on that wall somewhere else. You have. In someone else's house. Fred didn't bring it back from a hunting trip. He found it at the tip and now he lies about it.


Why I have an ironing deficiency

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I quickly decided that I would not iron my underpants. I decided this somewhere between working out how to unfold the ironing board that first time and heating water in the steam iron to make a cup of coffee (the kettle was broken and I pride myself on my ability to improvise).


Are the wings still there yet?

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I admit that Orville knows an awful lot about planes. I expect no parents would ever name a baby Orville unless they knew he was going to grow up with a passion for aviation. You have heard about trainspotters? Well, Orville is a plane spotter. His idea of a good day out is to go to the airport and watch the Dash 8s, Air Buses and 747s come and go. But just because he says wings do not just drop off, does not mean they don’t.


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