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Curse of the unhandyman

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Thirty years later, his metalwork teacher is still trying to work out how Michael managed to accidentally weld the school's football team's trophy to a wooden workbench.


Flash fiction:
Romeo and Julie

Two weeks before we arrived in Milan I read online the opening night of the production was to be cancelled because of a strike by performers.  Ballerinas claimed that an onstage platform which sloped 10 degrees to the front so the people at the back could see them, was hard on their bones and joints. What were they worried about? That they’d tumble off the stage? Fair dinkum, my school-days' memory of Romeo and Juliet is that anyone who is anyone dies by the end of the play anyway. a



Why I have an ironing deficiency


I quickly decided that I would not iron my underpants. I decided this somewhere between working out how to unfold the ironing board that first time and heating water in the steam iron to make a cup of coffee (the kettle was broken and I pride myself on my ability to improvise).


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