Escape From Mad Bill’s Island

WHITEY and Darkey pushed us out the front door.
'And stay out until you’re dead.' Whitey slammed the door behind us.

Things have gone from bad to worse for Ralph Whistler in this comical thriller. The novel begins when Ralph gets chased into the bay by an angry mob. Things start looking up for him when he gets rescued by a passing fishing boat. But then he finds out the boat is headed out to sea for six weeks, the skipper is dodgy, the deckhand is dim and the two stowaways on board are wanted criminals.Ralph Whistler just wants to get home to his pregnant wife and can't stand the thought he'll have to be on this boat for six weeks with this bunch -- and miss the birth of his first child.He needn't have worried though. They all end up on an island ruled by a gun-toting old man, and that's when Ralph's real problems begin.

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© John Martin