Lie of the Tiger

lie tiger small

IN THIS HUMOROUS MYSTERY, two old codgers resort to some secret doggy business to prove the existence of the Tasmanian Tiger.

This ferocious-looking marsupial was declared extinct in 1986, but Wish-Wash and Oodles think its revival is essential to the survival of an Irishman who arrives to manage the Tasmanian Tiger Museum in Windy Mountain.

This is a town full of quirky characters, and only mayors and former mayors are allowed to own dogs.

The two old men have a problem of their own but this doesn't stop them breaking the law to help the Irishman.

It turns out the Irishman is not who he pretends to be, though. But that's OK because neither is the museum. What do you expect of a museum of a museum that is owned by an entity called Biggs and Sons? The boss is Mr Biggs!

You'll laugh as the mysteries unravel, intersect, and come to a flaming head.

This is the second novel in the Windy Mountain series. 

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This funny mystery (Windy Mountain #2) is now available on Amazon, Kobo, Apple iBooks, B&N and Google Play. 

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