escape-to THUMBNAIL

Ralph Whistler is a newspaper reporter who likes to escape from the pressures of life on Saturday afternoons, but he doesn’t expect an escape on this scale. Ralph has to flee a soccer crowd that takes exception to his refereeing, and he ends up on a fishing boat with two criminals hiding from the law, a dim-witted deckhand and a skipper who doesn't care Ralph needs to get home to his pregnant wife. 

This book is a mere entrée — the first 7000 words of a funny crime caper novel that I’ll release in full in May, and on Kobo and iBooks as well as Amazon. 

This one is exclusive to Amazon, and is priced at the bottom end of the scale.

What this version will detail is how Ralph gets on to Mad Bills Island. You’ll need to wait for the full thing to find out how he gets off it again!

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