Who Knew the Tassie Tiger eats apples?


When a pompous mayor tries to rip out his apple orchard it puts him on a collision course with the local Tasmanian Tiger hunter.

Moose Routley is not nearly as quirky as a lot of characters in this funny mystery, which makes what he eventually does to the mayor all the more surprising and probably history-making.

Moose has been hired by a Texan billionaire to find a Tasmanian tiger, despite the carnivorous marsupial having been listed as extinct.

Along the way he gets recruited by the local football team, which hasn't won the premiership for 99 years; befriends a bikie whose gang has deserted him; sells Bushrangers Whiskers to markets in the United States; and gets his hands dirty in what becomes known as The Great Sperm Robbery. As if that's not enough, one of his housemates gets tangled up in one of Tasmania's antiquated laws when he's caught dressing as a woman between the hours of sunset and sunrise.

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© John Martin